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At VIU we utilize the EBSCO Discovery Search Service (EDS). EDS allows you to search multiple library resources at the same time. This new feature is easy to use and is integrated with our current system and has multiple capabilities. System offerings are outlined below as well as helpful hints to search for the information you need.

  • Enter your search term and click search to populate results.
  • Browse all resource types or refine your search by choosing the source.
  • Use keyword, title or author to find resources.
  • Search by school or area of study.
  • Find peer reviewed articles.
  • Time period specific resource search.
  • Use the A-Z list to select a specific database.
  • Access library resources both on and off campus.
  • Request articles not in EDS using the interlibrary loan.

**Please note: if you are unable to find what you are looking for, please contact the librarian for further assistance.




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